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For over 35 years The Shepherd Company has connected people with valuable unclaimed assets. We are an international investigative services company that researches and discovers unclaimed assets, identifies the people who are or may become entitled to those assets and assists them in recovering those assets. There are many kinds of unclaimed assets, including:

> Oil and Gas Royalties

> Real Estate

> Mineral Interests

> Individual Estates

> Bank Accounts

> Retirement Accounts

> Insurance Benefits

> Cash located in various U.S. and foreign locations

All of the claimants that we work with typically have one thing in

common; they are unaware of the existence of these valuable assets.



Our expertise is utilized by estate attorneys, public administrators, oil and gas companies and personal representatives, as well as individuals, to provide evidence, information and assistance to establish legal connections to valuable unclaimed assets. We are not a part of government “unclaimed property” programs where abandoned property is held for individuals by state authorities. (See or for more information)

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