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Recovering Unclaimed Assets Since 1984

Our company is an international investigative services firm that has successfully connected heirs and beneficiaries with millions of dollars of unclaimed assets of which they were unaware.

For close to four decades, hundreds of individuals and professionals such as estate attorneys, oil and gas company representatives, personal representatives, and public administrators have trusted us to research, investigate and discover unclaimed assets and provide information, documentation, and assistance in establishing legal connections between heirs and beneficiaries and unclaimed assets.

<< These Unclaimed Assets Can Include >>


Oil & Gas Royalties


Real Estate


Individual Estates


Mineral Interests


Insurance Benefits


Bank Accounts


Retirement Accounts


U.S & Foreign Cash

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About Us

The Shepherd Company has been a member in good standing with the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1992 and has maintained its highest rating (A+). We have been based in Boulder, Colorado since 1988. However, the work of The Shepherd Company is not limited to Colorado.


The Shepherd Company offers regional, national, and international professional services utilizing our global network of correspondents to identify and locate heirs and beneficiaries wherever they may be. We work very hard to ensure that people's hard earned assets are shared with the family that they leave behind. We also take great satisfaction in helping reconnect family members and bringing to light family histories.

Our Experts

We work very hard to ensure that people's hard earned assets are shared with the family that they leave behind.


David Carrick, Founder

Private Investigator


David Carrick has worked as a private investigator since 1984. In fact, investigative work is in his genetic makeup.

Peter Mackie Color 731T.jpg

Peter A. Mackie, President


Private Investigator, Realtor

Peter Mackie is the President and manager of The Shepherd Company, LLC. Peter is a life-long resident of Boulder County, Colorado.

Asset Recovery Process

We provide international investigative services that have successfully connected heirs and beneficiaries with millions of dollars of unclaimed assets of which they were unaware.

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Search & Identification

Our Fees

The Shepherd Company receives an asset recovery fee as set forth in our engagement letter after a claimant has secured an unclaimed asset.


Our asset recovery fee does not include any of our costs, including attorney fees, and we do not ask for any up-front money from the claimant. Proving that a claimant is an heir or beneficiary is done at our expense.


What heirs and beneficiaries are saying about The Shepherd Company!

<<

Dear Peter: Just wanted to thank you for all you have done for us and what a difference it has made for us. We would never have known about the inheritance if not for you. Jim is a disabled veteran, I worked until I reached 66, we were getting along from payday to payday. This made it a lot easier and stopped the worrying. You are wonderful to work with, kept your word, kept us informed of what was going on. Someday we would love to thank you in person!. Whenever we called you were always there for us with the answer and never left us hanging. You were professional but also felt like a trusted friend. Again, we thank you.

- James and Barb Trammel

Wow! This was the most interesting experience!! I have worked with the public for many years and as a result I was targeted on multiple occasions. With that said, when Peter Mackie from the Shepherd Company first contacted me via letter, I threw it away. Then he contacted me via phone. I was still skeptical.  After a few phone conversations I realized this was the “Real Deal”. I was close to retirement age and basically had no family left. I would be able to retire but would have to live very Frugal. Thank goodness I overcame my skepticism for I inherited from unclaimed assets I was totally unaware of. What a surprise in life!  I found Peter Mackie to be very professional, patient, and knowledgeable. He was always there to answer any and all questions!!  Thank you for changing my life in my Golden Years!!

- JL

I can truly say that working with The Shepherd Company has been a life changing experience. I was in my 50’s, working for years in a high stress IT environment. With numerous health issues and limited investment/savings, I thought my retirement life would be a Walmart greeter. Peter reached out to my aunt and I about some unclaimed assets we looked to be entitled to. At first, we weren’t sure what to think and were a bit skeptical. When we spoke with Peter on the phone, he was very helpful about the details of the situation, next steps, information needed and this really put our minds at ease. While the process did take some time to facilitate, this was not a result of The Shepherd Company team or Peter. They kept in regular communication with us during every step, while driving the situation to conclusion. If Peter reaches out to you, run to him, don’t walk. Thanks to The Shepherd Company, I was able to retire on a budget and now, every day is Saturday. Thank you so much, you changed my life!”

- Mark Neverdahl

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