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David A. Carrick

Private Investigator

(PI 2.0000024)


David Carrick is a licensed and bonded private investigator. In fact, investigatory work is in David Carrick’s genetic make-up. His father, Otis B. Carrick, was one of the original investigators in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, which was formed in 1946 to investigate major crimes and conduct counterintelligence. David trained as an investigator with The Shepherd Company of Los Angeles, California in 1984 and after a four-year internship, David formed The Shepherd Company, LLC, a Colorado limited liability company managed by David Carrick. The Shepherd Company, LLC is subsidiary of Shepard Company, LLC, a full service real estate company and land exchange proponent between private, public and quasi-public entities such as the Denver Water Department, the Department of the Interior and the National Park Service.


Through his involvement with public and private lands, David discovered many real estate interests and assets that had been abandoned or unclaimed, their rightful owners unknown or missing. The private investigator skills that he acquired in Los Angeles were a natural fit with his real estate expertise. Today, in addition to unclaimed asset investigations, David also provides background investigations for real estate sellers and landlords. He is also recognized in Colorado courts as an expert witness having testified in beneficiary and heirship determination hearings.

Peter A. Mackie

Attorney at Law


Peter is a life-long resident of Boulder County, Colorado. Born in Longmont, Colorado into a family of attorneys, Peter managed his own law firm that specialized in small business and real estate law for over seventeen years. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from Stanford University and a Juris Doctor law degree from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and is licensed in the State of Colorado. Peter is also a licensed Colorado Realtor specializing in investment, commercial and residential real estate and is also trained in investigations.

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