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Asset Recovery Fee: The asset recovery fee that we receive after a claimant has secured an unclaimed asset is limited to the percentage set forth in our engagement letter and does not include any of our own expenses. This fee is contingent on successful recovery of the unclaimed asset. We do not ask for any money up front. If we are successful in recovering any money for a claimant, we receive a fee. If not, we receive nothing and the claimant owes us nothing. If an heir/beneficiary wishes to proceed with the asset recovery process after they are contacted, they need only sign a simple Assignment Agreement and The Shepherd Company will begin the process of recovering the unclaimed asset. Upon completion of the asset recovery process, the claimant’s money is delivered to the claimant’s attorney and we are paid only after the money is available to the claimant. The claimant is not responsible for any of our expenses and costs.


Missing Heir/Beneficiary Search Fee: We also offer a fee-based search for missing heirs and beneficiaries in the event that there are any unknown heirs or beneficiaries connected to an asset. We can investigate and provide evidence to the authority managing the asset to allow the managing authority to dispose of the asset by escheat or distribute the asset and close the file.


Referral Fees: We also pay referral fees.

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